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Should I search Google or type a URL

I have seen many people say that you can search Google or type a URL in the address bar and get back the information you are looking for. What they do not know is the fact that this works in just the opposite way of what they think it does.

search google or type a url
You need only one- not true for search results

Search engines like Google have no idea about your IP address, or if you are doing this search at the same time, you are doing some other kind of search. So why do people do this? Why do they take the risk?
Well, for some people, it’s to get back the results you get from your favorite search engine, which is Google. That’s why you see all the entries which were from the domain name is shown, but it doesn’t mean anything, it might be from your search engines listing as well.

Search engines list the sites that are associated with the IP address as the site of their interest. If you want to get the website address, then the best thing you can do is go to the search engines and find it yourself. I don’t even mind typing in a URL.

There is one drawback, though, they aren’t likely to show you any particular keywords or phrases, like “Web hosting,” “search engine optimization”XYZ service.” So that would mean the only thing you would get is an address or a name. So you can see why they don’t list that as a result.

What happens when you do get a result like this, though, is you get a link that shows up to some site which is supposedly providing you with this information. It also shows you some advertisements on the top of the page, and not necessarily where you asked for them. So that’s another downside to this.

Most of the websites on the other side, which are giving you the information you requested from Google, are scams. They tell you that the search engines are giving away information for free, and they are not revealing it.

You could ask about the information they claim to give you, but most of the answers would be bogus. So they do not offer this kind of information, so do not waste your time on it.

You may end up getting a new site that you have never heard of before. But you get what you pay for. I recommend using Google as a tool to find websites that offer the same kind of information you are looking for.
Search engines also provide results which show that sites which offer similar or the exact same terms as you are searching for will give you the same results. That’s why if you search for news sites, then those sites would appear because those search engines to list them as well.

So with Google, you get information about the site, and they give you the place to get the info you want. In addition to this, Google will also tell you how long it took them to get their results back, and so will help you avoid those sites that may take forever to give you the information you are looking for.